Just Run Free A training log and thoughts on running


Hi, my name’s Justin. This was written in November of 2018 and I’m currently working on speed and running a sub-20 minute 5K.

A brief history of my own running

I’ve been wanting to run a 5k in less than 20 minutes since I started running over 10 years ago. Admittedly the last few years have been sparse - probably due to the demands of my six year old daughter. But she’s getting a bit more independent these days and I have a bit more time to get back into running.

Distance First

10 years ago when I started running I was all about the distance. How far could I run? Speed was important, but I wasn’t trying to run anything all that fast. I wasn’t trying to beat people in a race. I was just trying to beat the overall public in how far they ran.

After running my first trail 50K, I went on to complete a road marathon and a trail 50 miler and then I stopped. My daughter was born and it was time to put all my time and attention to her, my wife and my work.

I continued to run, but it was sporadic and mostly for enjoyment.

Speed Second

After discovering and reading Eric Orton’s The Cool Impossible, I decided his approach was a great way to build up a great running foundation. So, that’s what I started with over two years ago.

Except the timing wasn’t quite right. My daughter wasn’t in school full-time just yet and I didn’t have as much free time as I thought I would. So after two to three weeks of a solid attempt, I went back down to running two to three times a week just for the enjoyment of it all.

But the second attempt, the one that I achieved this year after my daughter entered kindergarten, well, that went beautifully well.

I started the five month program in March and it took me about six months to complete. I was diligent in programming the workouts into my watch and following as closely as possible by heart-rate and pace. A new running partner in April was huge in my motivation to break-through the lack of consistency I had been having and since then training has been going well.

The effort paid off. The results were there. My goal is within reach.


Date Race Type Time Notes
2018.07.14 Too Hot to Handle 5K 5K Road 21:22 Ran this one HARD, first place age group
2018.09.22 Freedom Run 5K 5K Road 21:13 Altered course because of rain, some hills, 3rd place overall
2018.10.13 Heart of Duncanville 5K 5K Road 20:34 Took this one easy, think I’m mentally blocking my goal
2018.11.17 Dash for Dignity 5K 5K Road 20:18? Starte out too fast, timing was fast somehow, recorded as 18:18 but closer to 20:18